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Ohio Forensic Experts

Dublin, OH

The Ohio office of Robson Forensic provides forensic engineers, architects, scientists and fire investigators to the legal profession and the insurance industry. If a local expert is not available that meets your criteria, we can typically locate an appropriate expert from one of our 17 national locations. Please contact the local area manager or business development professional for assistance with the matter at hand.

Corey J. Andres
Sports & Recreation Programming Expert - Education - Camps - Coaching and Training
Corey is a sports and recreation expert with more than seventeen years of relevant, professional experience. He investigates, reports, and testifies in matters related to recreational programming; sp...

Fred S. Proleika Jr.
Automotive Engineer & Vehicle Crash Expert
Fred Proleika is an Automotive Engineer with diverse experience in production vehicles. He applies his expertise to motorcycle and vehicle crash investigations, including crash reconstructions, and c...

Lee E. Martin, AIA, CBO, LEED AP
Architecture-Construction-Professional Liability-Premises Safety-Codes and Standards Expert
Lee investigates, reports and testifies regarding architecture, construction, professional liability, premises safety, and code-related matters. He has over 30 years of private and public-sector exp...

Ante Brkic
Licensed Pharmacist & Pharmacy Operations Expert
Ante is a licensed pharmacist with over fifteen years of professional experience. He applies his expertise to forensic investigations involving the standard of care relevant to various areas of pharm...

Augustine F. Ubaldi, P.E.
Airport and Railroad Engineering Expert
Gus brings more than 20 years of work in aviation and 20 years of work in railroad engineering from the perspectives of designer and user. As a pilot, construction engineer, and maintenance-of-way su...

Jeffrey J. Fischer
Maritime Expert-Boating Expert-Unlimited Masters Any Ocean
Jeff is highly qualified to evaluate the actions and behavior of the officers and crew in charge of vessels, large and small, commercial and recreational. Jeff’s expertise is applicable to collisions/...

Joseph C. Tucker, Ph.D.
Materials Science Expert - Forensic Metallurgist
Dr. Tucker is an expert in materials science/metallurgical engineering. Dr. Tucker applies his expertise to forensic casework, providing technical investigations, analysis, reports and testimony towa...

Mari S. Truman, P.E.
Orthopedic Expert, Medical Device and Implants Expert
Orthopedic Systems Expert Witness Services Mari’s unique experience includes examining motions and forces applied by and to the body during a fall and fall recovery, projectile impacts, vehicular ...

Mark A. Webber
Board Certified Master Arborist - Forensic Arborist
Mark Webber is a Board Certified Master Arborist with nearly forty years of relevant professional experience. He provides investigations, reports, and testimony in matters related to tree maintenance...

Rick Shantery
Information Technology & Network Security Expert
Information Technology & Network Security Expert Witness Services Rick spent 12 years with the Columbus (OH) Division of Police, gradually working his way up from patrolman to detective and then t...

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Dublin, OH 43017
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