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Philadelphia Forensic Experts

Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia office of Robson Forensic provides forensic engineers, architects, scientists and fire investigators to the legal profession and the insurance industry. If a local expert is not available that meets your criteria, we can typically locate an appropriate expert from one of our 17 national locations. Please contact the local area manager or business development professional for assistance with the matter at hand.

J. Lucas Elrath
Bicycle Expert Witness
Luke Elrath has designed, built, and repaired bicycles, and has extensive experience on the saddle, competing, commuting and riding for leisure. He has worked as a product manager for large and small...

Laura M. Miele-Pascoe, Ph.D.
Sports & Fitness Expert - Specializing in Coaching, Training and Injury Prevention.
Dr. Laura Miele-Pascoe is an expert in sport and recreation with specific expertise in sports psychology, personal training, fitness facilities management and injury prevention. She is an accomplishe...

Steven J. Becker
Vehicle Engineering Expert, Crash Reconstruction Expert
Steven is a vehicle engineer with more than twenty years experience and has worked directly for automotive manufacturers and tier 1 automotive parts suppliers. He provides investigations, reports, an...

William J. Vigilante, Jr., Ph.D.
Human Factors & Ergonomics Expert
Dr. Vigilante has extensive research and practical experience in the science of human factors / ergonomics. He analyzes how people perceive risks; the adequacy of warnings; the open and obviousness o...

David Booth, P.E.
Medical Device Expert – Development, Manufacturing, Implementation & Device Failure Investigations
David’s expertise is focused on medical device performance and how/what manufacturing processes consistently deliver validated function over the product life cycle. He is an expert in disposable and ...

Diane Trainor, Ph.D., CHCM
Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health & Occupational Ergonomics Expert
Dr. Trainor is an expert in the fields of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health and Occupational Ergonomics. Her casework frequently involves investigations into workplace mishaps, repeti...

John F. Kelley
Air Traffic Control Expert
John Kelley has over 30 years of experience in Air Traffic Control. Twenty-five of those years were with the Federal Aviation Administration; first as an air traffic controller, and later as an opera...

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