Expert Witness Biography

Barry is an expert in retail and food safety. He provides investigations, reports, and testimony in matters related to the management and operations of restaurants and retail establishments. Barry’s casework commonly involves retail displays, facilities and floors maintenance, and food preparation and safety. His diverse career includes more than twenty years experience in restaurants, retail pharmacies, nurseries, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, and more.

Barry has held a variety of retail management positions including Operations Training Manager, General Manager, and Food Safety Coordinator. His experience includes all aspects of facilities operations and safety. Through his experience at restaurants, bakeries, and markets, Barry has developed a broad base of expertise involving food contaminations; trace-back hazards to processing facilities; warehouse food safety; transportation of food; FDA standards and recalls; packaging and labeling; cleaning procedures and personal hygiene; employee safety and training; as well as equipment selection, safety guards, and kitchen layout.

Barry is a Certified ServSafe Instructor for the National Restaurant Association and a National Registry Food Safety Professional Trainer under the Food Marketing Institute. He holds HACCP certifications from the American Meat Institute and Seafood HACCP from the Seafood HACCP Alliance in cooperation with the FDA. Mr. Parsons is Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS) through the National Environmental Health Association, he is also a certified user of the English XL slip tester. Barry continues to educate retail food professionals utilizing ServSafe and SafeMark programs as well as OSHA safety compliance for general industry. In addition to industry professionals, Barry also provides food safety training to the general public.