Expert Witness Biography

Terry Harvey is an aquatics and open water safety expert with specific expertise in ocean lifeguarding, recreational boating, and waterfront safety. He provides investigations, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of personal injury matters involving public and private facilities.

Terry worked in the Lifeguard Division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department for more than twenty five years, where he achieved the ranks of Ocean Lifeguard Captain and PIO Captain. As part of his responsibilities, Terry was a training academy instructor for new lifeguards. He also provided public safety training for boating and waterway safety, specifically including personal watercraft. In the role of PIO Captain, Terry was responsible for the management of more than seventy employees, including recruiting, training, and discipline.

Terry has completed a litany of specialized training related to aquatics and boating safety. He is a member of the California State Firefighter Association, the United States Life Savings Association, and the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association.