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Robson Forensic is a multidisciplinary forensic firm offering a broad range of specialty experts.

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Difficult & Unusual Cases.

Robson Forensic is a multidisciplinary Forensic Firm offering a broad range of specialty experts. The majority of our technical experts are full-time employees; this is an important distinction for both our experts and our clients.

Our experts benefit within the structure of the firm by gaining access to extensive technical libraries, state of the art inspection facilities, and validated forensic equipment. They also benefit from the experience of working within a firm that has investigated more than 70,000 cases since 1987.

Our clients benefit by working with a firm that has the resources to provide a custom forensic solution for each and every assignment. Robson Forensic provides the highest quality investigations, reports, and testimony suited towards the resolution of contentious disputes.

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Elopement in Residential Facilities

By Tracy Davis
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In supervised care environments, the term “elopement” describes when a patient or resident leaves the premises without authorization and/or necessary supervision. If elopement occurs, the…

Retaining Wall Failures

By Mark Duckett
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The damages that can result from the failure of a retaining wall range from minor to catastrophic. Retaining walls are structures used to retain soils (i.e., laterally support them) where a change in…

Low Light Conditions in Arenas & Stadiums

By Mark T. Sullivan
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Fixed seating assembly occupancies, such as arena and stadium venues, are designed to provide entertainment to large audiences, and must make the main event easily visible for seated audience members…