Expert Witness Biography

Mari’s unique experience includes examining motions and forces applied by and to the body during a fall and fall recovery; projectile impacts; vehicular collisions and sports, recreation and occupational overuse or injury. She has 25–plus years experience of product design and development in orthopedic medical devices.

Mari has developed implants and instruments used for both human joint reconstruction and skeletal trauma reconstruction. Mari can draw on her strong knowledge of design control processes, failure modes and effects analysis, clinically relevant tissue loading, design safety assurance including device performance requirements and warnings, during her medical device litigation reviews.

The field of Biomechanics includes sub-specialty fields of Impact and Injury. She applies the principles of engineering mechanics to understand basic biological processes and mechanisms related to the structure, function and injury thresholds of body tissues, with emphasis on bone and other skeletal tissues and organ systems such as the brain, skin, heart and abdominal organs.

She’s worked for a number of companies in the product design and development of a variety of orthopedic devices, where she’s earned three patents. She’s a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio, and her professional affiliations include membership in the International Society of Biomechanics and the American College of Sports Medicine.