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Robson Forensic is a multidisciplinary forensic firm offering a broad range of specialty experts.

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Robson Forensic is a multidisciplinary Forensic Firm offering a broad range of specialty experts. The majority of our technical experts are full-time employees; this is an important distinction for both our experts and our clients.

Our experts benefit within the structure of the firm by gaining access to extensive technical libraries, state of the art inspection facilities, and validated forensic equipment. They also benefit from the experience of working within a firm that has investigated more than 65,000 cases since 1987.

Our clients benefit by working with a firm that has the resources to provide a custom forensic solution for each and every assignment. Robson Forensic provides the highest quality investigations, reports, and testimony suited towards the resolution of contentious disputes.

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Fall Protection on Residential Construction Projects

By Gregory H. Pestine
Expert Article

Fall protection methods used in residential construction can differ from those used in commercial construction. In this article, Civil Engineer & Construction Safety Expert, Gregory…

Injury Causation in Care Facility Disputes

By Carolyne I. Albert
Expert Article

In cases involving an injury to a resident in a long-term care facility, a combination of co-existing medical/health conditions, the level of supervision, and the resident’s ability to…

Abuse in Youth Athletics

By David Ester
Expert Article

Youth athletics, be it a team or individual sport, presents a unique environment and a distinct set of power dynamics whereby minors under the age of 18 are training and competing under the guidance…

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