Aviation Night Vision Devices - Expert Presentation to Lawyer Pilot’s Bar

In this presentation, delivered to the Lawyer Pilot’s Bar Association, aviation expert, Matthew Robinson, ATP, CFII, discusses some of the pros and cons of aviation night visions devices.

Night Vision Devices

  • GA/Commercial Use
  • FAA Regulation
  • Method of Operation
  • Pros v Cons
  • Mishaps & Safety
  • Lab/Demonstration

Night Visions Devices / Goggles Defined

FAA defines “night vision goggles” as “an appliance worn by a pilot that enhances the pilot’s ability to maintain visual surface reference at night,” and “night vision goggle operation” as a flight at night “where the pilot maintains visual surface reference using night vision goggles in an aircraft that is approved for such an operation.”

Download the entire slide deck from Matt Robinson’s presentation in the “Details” section of this page.