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This document contains an unsolicited letter of gratitude from one of Mark’s many satisfied clients. In this case Mark was retained to perform a Questioned Document Examination (QDE).

Mark, I can not begin to express my gratitude on how you managed and handled my case. You are quite the professional!!! When I began researching Forensic Document Examiners, I had no idea what to expect or what it entailed. I knew from the moment that we first spoke that there was no doubt I was going to retain your services. Your direction, honesty, attention to detail and professionalism sealed the deal. The turn around time was astounding (less than (5) days including a (3) day holiday weekend) even doctors and lawyers don’t do that anymore! I will be actively recommending you to everyone I know and even those that I don’t. The final product/report that you produced was so impressive that I found myself reading it over and over again in sheer delight. Mark, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to any and all future endeavors. My best,

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Mark Songer, Forensic Document Examiner

Mark Songer, M.S.F.S.

Forensic Document Examiner
Mark Songer is a court qualified expert in Forensic Document Examinations. He is a former FBI Special Agent (GS-1811) and FBI Document Analyst (GS-1397) with over 30 years of law enforcement and… read more.

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