Contaminated Water Litigation Webinar

Plaintiff and defense attorneys, government and agency representatives and counsel will benefit from this 90 minute-long session as they build or prepare to defend water-related lead litigation.

Lead has been regarded as a toxic substance since the time of the Romans. It is ubiquitous in our environment, and its toxic properties have been written about for centuries. Exposure to lead is known to produce a spectrum of injury, particularly in children. Children under the age of 6 are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development. The potential for life-long cognitive problems is something that needs to be considered. Lead has been removed from gasoline, paint and children’s toys, yet it remains a threat to millions in one of the most basic of necessities—water. And not just in Flint, Michigan.

Aging lead pipes and lead in source water may be exposing children and adults to unusually and potentially unsafe levels of lead.

And most don’t know it.

Join HB Litigation Conferences for a complimentary CLE-accredited webinar that will delve into the legal issues surrounding lead in water. Legal and scientific experts will help you understand:

  • The latest science on the issue
  • Potential damages – long-term physical, economic and non-economic
  • Government immunity
  • Evidence of causation and admissibility
  • Medical monitoring
  • Potential constitutional claims