Railroad Engineering Expert, Augustine F. Ubaldi, P.E. was interviewed by MSNBC in connection with the January 12th incident in which one passenger was killed and many hurt when smoke filled a Washington Metro car during a the rush hour commute.

Video Courtesy of MSNBC


Featured Expert

Augustine F. Ubaldi, P.E.

Augustine “Gus” Ubaldi, P.E. has 19 years of railroad and transit engineering experience. Gus oversaw project administration for Class I and Class III railroads and major transit systems in a variety of railroad engineering positions including engineering director for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, consulting engineering, and track supervisor for Penn Central. Gus designed and engineered track structure, station and bridge repairs, and yard track improvements. He also conducted track inspections and performed maintenance. Gus is a licensed professional engineer in nine states and the District of Columbia.