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Bar Safety & Security Starts at the Door

By Paul Romanos, Jr.
Expert Article

Whether a particular person should have been permitted to enter a bar, nightclub, or other venue where alcohol was served can be relevant to a host of legal disputes involving assaults, vehicle…

Motorcycle Anatomy

By Roland Hoover
Expert Overview

The automotive experts at Robson Forensic have developed a simple motorcycle anatomy overview for clients who may not be familiar with the design elements of a motorbike. Motorcycle Fatality Forensic…

Industrial Robot Safety

By Todd Metcalfe
Expert Overview

Industrial robots, when designed, manufactured, installed, and integrated correctly, have the potential to reduce injuries by removing humans from repetitive and sometimes dangerous work tasks.…

Premises Safety in the Retail Built Environment

By Catherine Peterman, AIA, NCARB
Expert Article

Retail spaces should be designed and maintained to provide safe walkways and merchandise displays that are free of unreasonable hazards. In industry, this is achieved, in part, through…

Finite Element Analysis in Crashworthiness Cases

By Christopher D. Roche
Expert Article

This article discusses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and how it can be used in automotive product liability cases. The automotive experts at Robson Forensic have firsthand industry experience using…

Hardwood Basketball Court Damage Claims

By Mark T. Sullivan, AIA, NCARB, CDT
Expert Article

Hardwood gymnasium floor systems (basketball courts) have evolved substantially from the traditional tar, wood nailer course (sleepers), and finished floor material. Whether the court is in a…

Propane Tank Fires & Explosions

By Stanley Jaworski, P.E., C.F.E.I., C.V.F.I.
Expert Article

The propane tank is a seemingly simple device, most often found in backyards across the country, hooked up to a grill for a barbecue. However, closer inspection reveals that these devices have been…

Food Safety Across Multiple Sectors

By Kenyon Conklin, VMD & Dawn Hill & Paul Romanos, Jr.
Expert Article

This article provides an overview of food safety, from the ranch to the restaurant, for attorneys who may be involved in food contamination disputes. Topics covered include government regulations and…

Horse Fencing

By Kenyon Conklin, VMD
Expert Overview

The fencing and enclosures used to contain horses are essential not just for the well-being of the animals, but for the safety of the general public. In our forensic casework, we frequently see…

Pony Ride & Trail Ride Safety

By Kenyon Conklin, VMD
Expert Article

This article describes industry-accepted best practices for conducting trail rides and pony rides. Riders involved in these activities often have limited knowledge and experience with horses. This…

Safety Hazards Involving Horses

By Kenyon Conklin, VMD
Expert Article

This article addresses common safety issues related to horses and equestrian activities like horse shows, riding lessons, trail rides, and pony rides. We discuss horse safety issues that frequently…

System Failures of Zip Line Hardware in Trees

By Christopher Larson, BCMA, TRAQ
Expert Article

Trees are commonly utilized as support systems for zip lines, tree houses, and other structural applications. These arrangements can be more complex than traditional construction methods because they…

Physical Model Court Demonstrative

By Marcus A. Mazza, P.E.
Expert Article

In a recent case, Robson Forensic developed and fabricated a 1:3 scale, fully functional model of a machining fixture used to hold large castings in place while they are machined.  Demonstrative…

Retail Security Use of Force

By Mark Meredith
Expert Article

The forensic evaluation of “use of force” for retail security guards will consider a variety of factors relevant to the circumstances of the incident. Factors including state and local…

Elevator Door Strikes

By Michael Vallone, C.E.I.
Expert Article

Door strikes are one of the most common elevator injuries. A door strike can cause passenger injuries due to being knocked over, into other passengers/objects, or being caught in the elevator doors.…

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