Forensic Meteorologist Interviewed About 100+ Car Pile-Up in Foggy Conditions

Meteorology expert, Dr. Raymond Lee, was interviewed by Radio BeFM to discuss a fog-related 100 car pile-up in which two people were killed and more than 60 were injured.

Radio BEFM Interview

Radio interview courtesy of BeFM. Photo credits AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Throughout this interview Dr. Lee discusses issues such as:

  • Safe following distances for driving in optimal and sub-optimal conditions
  • Risk perception of drivers in adverse weather conditions
  • Optimizing visibility in foggy conditions
  • Safety strategies for drivers in foggy conditions

View news story on 100+ Car Pile-Up at New York Times.

Forensic Meteorology Casework

As an expert at Robson Forensic, Dr. Lee is frequently retained to investigate vehicle crashes and other mishaps to reconstruct local weather conditions specific to a particular incident. He frequently opines on how weather conditions contributee to the cause of an incident by evaluating factors such as a visibility, lighting, and how weather conditions developed approaching the scene of an incident.

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