This article discusses the creation of a Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section within the Society of Toxicology. Spearheaded by Donald A. Fox, Ph.D., ATS Fellow, ARVO Fellow the specialty section seeks to advance the practice of this growing discipline.

Dr. Donald A. Fox Spearheads Creation of Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section

Toxicology and pharmacology expert, Donald A. Fox, Ph.D, ATS Fellow, ARVO Fellow has initiated the process to create a Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section within the Society of Toxicology (SOT). Forensic Toxicology is one of the major foundational specialties of the science of toxicology, yet it has had no formal recognition within the SOT. With the intention to remedy this matter, Dr. Fox along with three other SOT members has formed a committee to initiate a solution to this problem. This group of toxicology professionals forms the initial organizing committee of the Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section (formal organization to be established based on procedures established by SOT Council).

The Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section will be formed at a unique time when critiques of forensic practice have been published by both the National Academy of Science/National Research Council and the National Institute of Science and Technology. A fundamental aspect of these critiques is that forensic science as practiced in the USA often lacks sound scientific bases. The Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section will serve as a forum and meeting place for those who both practice the specialty as well as those interested in this important area of toxicology.

Forensic toxicologists apply the principles of toxicology, chemistry, pharmacology, statistics, causation analysis and other sciences to aid in the resolution of medical or legal investigations. The Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section seeks to advance the practice of forensic toxicology by improving the reliability and repeatability of forensic analyses.

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Forensic Toxicology Investigations

The team of toxicologists at Robson Forensic investigate a broad range of disputes involving alcohol, consumer products, drugs of abuse, environmental and occupational exposure to chemicals and toxicants, industrial chemicals, nutraceuticals and prescription medications. By applying fundamental principles of toxicology, such dose-response relationships and mechanisms of action as well as specific causation analyses our experts can accurately and reliably reconstruct exposure levels and evaluate causation as it relates to impairment and/or negative health outcomes.

The toxicology practice at Robson Forensic includes a highly credentialed internationally-recognized group of scientists with varying backgrounds and technical specialties.

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Donald A. Fox, Ph.D., ATS Fellow, ARVO Fellow

Toxicology & Pharmacology Expert

Dr. Fox is a highly credentialed internationally-recognized toxicology researcher, educator and lecturer with broad training, expertise and experience in the disciplines of toxicology, neurotoxicology, ocular and retinal toxicology, environmental and occupational toxicology, heavy metal toxicology, pharmacology and neuropharmacology, alcohol and drugs of abuse, and human health assessment. He has spent 35+ years studying and consulting on the adverse effects of chemical, biological and physical agents on living organisms. Dr. Fox applies his expertise towards causation analysis, resolving disputes relating to exposure to chemical, environmental and occupational toxicants; adverse prescription, drug-drug and nutraceutical events; adverse recreational drug events; and adverse alcohol events.