Robson Forensic photogrammetry expert, Steven Becker appeared on the Nancy Grace show on May 16, 2016 to help viewers understand what kind of information analysts can hope to glean from the surveillance footage captured in the Missy Bevers murder investigation.

Forensic Video Analysis of Surveillance Video

On short notice, Steven Becker analyzed surveillance video gathered from the site of Missy Bevers’ murder. His goal was to highlight key findings from the footage that may be helpful in identifying the perpetrator.

Compelling discoveries from the video include indicators of the height and body type of the assailant, identifying characteristics involving posture and gait, as well as possible identification of the murder weapon.

With more time and detailed measurements from the scene of the crime, Mr. Becker is confident that information derived from the video evidence can be helpful toward identifying measurements of the assailant with a high degree of accuracy and certainty.

In the video embedded below, you can see a short clip of Mr. Becker explaining to Nancy Grace the type of information that is available and how forensic video analysts approach this work. We have made the original surveillance footage as well as Mr. Becker’s slide presentation available for your review to provide a more comprehensive overview of the video analysis process.

Footage from Nancy Grace Show

Video Courtesy and © of Cable News Network, Inc.

Original Surveillance Footage

Presentation Slides

The slides linked-to below provide a more detailed review of the information analyzed by Steven Becker. With more time and detailed measurements of the filmed environment, a skilled photogrammetrist can make highly accurate measurements within the recording.


While the information discussed in this article and associated media is specific to a particular incident, the principles discussed are more universally applied by Robson Forensic experts to a broad range of video and still-image evidence.

The experts at Robson Forensic provide photogrammetric analysis of surveillance video, personal video, and still imagery. In addition to the issues described in this article, we provide analyses for a wide range of purposes including:

  • Speed measurements
  • Measuring sizes and distances
  • Time confirmation
  • Color identification
  • Suspect identification
  • Vehicle identification
  • Authentication of videos and images

For more information on the range of our services, please visit our photogrammetry page, or contact photogrammetry expert, Steven Becker.


Featured Expert

Steven Becker

Automotive Engineer & Photogrammetry Expert

Mr. Becker is a degreed mechanical engineer with over 20 years engineering experience. He is an expert in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and photogrammetric analysis. He has been performing CAD and photogrammetric analysis since 1991 using numerous software packages, and continues to do so in his current work at Robson Forensic. His education and training in physics and engineering, as well as on the job training provided the basis for his understanding and application of photogrammetry, which is determining distance and/or dimensions in photographs. He has testified in court related to the location, dimension, and distance measurements of evidence in photographs, videos, and has created 3D and 2D images of depictions of scenes. He has specifically testified about the content of objects and their dimensions in photographs which relate to physical measurements.