In this presentation delivered to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Michael D. Klein, P.E., CHMM, discusses fracking, with a focus on methods, regulations, and environmental impacts.
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​Questions you can expect to learn the answers to, include:

  • What is hydraulic fracturing?
  • Where are the shale gas reserves located in the United States?
  • What are the economics of shale gas recovery?
  • How is shale gas extracted?
  • What are the regulations for oil exploration?
  • What are the local infrastructure issues?
  • What are the economic and community impacts?
  • What are the risks?


Featured Expert

Michael D. Klein, P.E., CHMM, C.F.E.I.

Michael heads the environmental practice at Robson Forensic. His expertise involves the systems and processes used to manage and dispose of hazardous materials. His experience includes working at National Priorities List (NPL) superfund sites where he remediated uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous wastes.

Michael’s casework often involves analysis of pathways of exposure, including dose reconstruction. His experience includes both public and private sector projects, involving a range of potentially harmful materials. Michael has also taught college level courses in the management, and disposal of hazardous waste and the cleanup and demolition of radiologically contaminated equipment and facilities.

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