The Valukas Report, commissioned by GM to investigate flawed ignition switches that are linked to 13 deaths in crashes where airbags failed to inflate, presents Robson Forensic vehicle engineer, Erin Shipp, P.E. as having found the correct answer to the problem, even before GM engineers.
Excerpt from Valuskas Report
Excerpt from Valuskas Report


β€œThe report made clear that an expert, with limited access to GM information, had made the connection between the Ignition Switch and airbag non-deployment before GM personnel.”

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The redacted report in its entirety can be downloaded from the NHTSA website: (


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Erin has more than 30 years of engineering experience involving product design and development of heavy trucks, motor homes, buses, and passenger cars.

Erin is no longer accepting new case assignments, but Robson Forensic offers other vehicle engineers with specific expertise reconstruction heavy truck collisions.

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