Handwriting Expert Provides Clarity in Divorce Proceedings Expert Article

This article features an unsolicited letter of recommendation received from a client who worked closely with Questioned Document Examiner, Mark Songer.

In this contentious divorce suit, Mark was tasked with reviewing a document to determine its authenticity. More specifically, Mark sought to determine if the document produced by the defendant was written by the plaintiff or if the document was actually written by the defendant in an attempt to incriminate the plaintiff.

Text from our client’s letter can be found below and a pdf copy can be accessed in the ‘details’ section of this page.

Divorce Document Expert Witness

Document Authenticity Dispute in Contentious Divorce 

Re: for Mark Songer

I am writing you today to express my sincere appreciation to your company and, more specifically, my recommendation of Mr. Songer for future assignments based on his recent work related to a divorce matter. Without revealing any privileged information relating to the matter, Mr. Songer was tasked with determining whether a document produced by the defendant was written by my client or if the document was actually written by the defendant in an effort to incriminate by client with the contents of the document.

I initially contacted Robson Forensics late on a Friday afternoon and due to serious time constraints, I requested a handwriting expert who could perform an expedited review and provide a report within a week. After speaking to the receptionist, I was told that someone would get back to me shortly, however, I did not expect that my unrealistic deadline could be met. To my surprise, I received a phone call from Mr. Songer within a couple of hours. Mr. Songer was traveling at the time when he received the message and despite rushing between connecting flights, Mr. Songer took the time to discuss the matter at length with me. I was not only extremely impressed that I received a call back on a Friday afternoon from Mr. Songer especially considering his circumstances, but more importantly, Mr. Songer confirmed that he could review the documents in between his projects and after hours over the next couple days so I would have the report in time for my hearing. Mr. Songer completed the analysis as promised and, in addition, when the defendant attempted to contradict Mr. Songer's findings, Mr. Songer provided an affidavit in contravention of the defendant's position within hours of being provided the information so I could meet my deadline.

Throughout the process Mr. Songer was professional, knowledgeable and generally a pleasure to work with. Mr. Songer's experience and unique skillset enables him to produce conclusive results that will stand up to most thorough cross examination. But, more importantly, Mr. Songer's intellect and accompanying ability to penetrate the psyche of the parties setting his analysis apart from other experts. If I or anyone I know ever needs a handwriting expert, I will recommend Mr. Songer without hesitation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With Kind Regards, I remain,

  • Jason Stevens
  • 215 East Bay Street, 
  • Suite 500-h, 
  • Charleston, SC 2940
  • 843.789.3620 Direct Line
  • http://www.jsstevenslaw.com/

Forensic Document Analysis

Questioned document examination is a discipline within forensic science that pertains to documents with disputed authenticity or origin. The primary purpose of the examination is to provide evidence about suspicious or questioned documents using a variety of scientific principles and methods.

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