Horse Safety – Expert Contributed to Horse Safety Guidelines

Robson Forensic Animal Scientist, J. Tim Potter, Ph.D. was a contributing author on the book, Start with Safety: Horse Safety Guideline. Dr. Potter provides expert witness services toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving all areas of equine science.


“Horses, mules and ponies are 5 to 15 times larger, 20 to 40 times more powerful, and 3 to 4 times faster than a human.

Parents and youth alike should realize that there are risks associated with equine activities. They should also clearly understand that preventative measures should be taken to reduce risks. Safety education, selection of a horse that matches the capability of the rider, use of protective equipment, adequate instruction, and appropriate supervision based on the skill level of the rider are vital to prevention of injuries.

It is important to understand there are risks associated with equine use and injuries may be severe. However, several studies show that horseback riding is safer than many everyday activities when protective measures are used. Steps can be taken to minimize risks and help make equine activities safe and enjoyable for all participants.”

Excerpt from page 1

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