Indoor Air Quality & Sick Buildings Expert Presentation

Ronald D. Schaible, CIH, CSP covered the subject of indoor air quality (including mold) and the various causes, manifestations, health effects, evaluation methods, and selected control measures associated with “sick buildings,” including workplaces. How these issues apply to litigation of personal injury, property damage and worker’s compensation claims, as well as the identification of potentially responsible parties.

Indoor Air Quality - Expert Presentation on Sick Buildings Presentation Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • The Problem of Indoor Air Quality
  • Health Effects and Causative Agents
  • Sources and Defective Conditions Contributing to Indoor Air Pollution
  • Potentially Responsible Parties
  • Evaluation and Control Methodologies
  • Standards of Care

Download the slide deck from Ron’s presentation in the “Details” section of this page.

Featured Expert

Ronald D. Schaible, Industrial Hygienist, Workplace Safety & Ergonomics Expert

Ronald D. Schaible, CIH, CSP, CPE

Industrial Hygienist, Workplace Safety & Ergonomics Expert
How do you match the experience of an individual who developed and deployed the global health and safety management system for a Fortune 500 company with 250 locations in 50 countries? Or one that has… read more.

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