Indoor Swimming Pool Air Quality - Expert Article

In this article, Robson Forensic experts in Industrial Hygiene and Aquatics Safety discuss some of the issues relevant to air quality in indoor swimming areas.

​Indoor Air Quality in Natatoriums

Cella natatoriua is Latin of “a swimming pool in its own building”. Residential, commercial, institutional and theme pools located indoors are, therefore, natatoriums. Swimming and water sports are generally considered to be fun, healthy activities for all ages. But what if the air in a natatorium caused serios health problems?

As few as 5 years ago, patrons at indoor pools would say, “I do not small any chlorine. Is this pool safe to swim in?” Thank to the work of agencies such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Swimming Pool Foundation and National Recreation and Park Association, the public is learning that the small of chlorine actually signals a serious problem with the pool water chemistry.

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