Marina Safety Investigations - Expert Webinar [VIDEO]

Marinas and boatyards can be dangerous places; they combine the traditional hazards associated with a commercial premises and warehouse facility, but with the introduction of a dynamic waterfront hosting vessel traffic. It’s no surprise that our forensic casework requires regular visits to these complex facilities.

In this webinar video, Certified Marina Manager and Certified Marine Investigator Carl Wolf discusses 3 fact patterns common to his casework: drownings, slips and falls, and injuries involving boatyards and dry rack storage. The information discussed is derived from his own casework as well as the Marina Policy Guidelines Manual, which Carl authored. Attendees can expect to strengthen their understanding of the relevant standard of care and gain insight on the process of investigating mishaps.

Marina Safety Investigations - Expert Webinar [VIDEO]

This video was recorded from the webinar on September 10, 2020.

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