Changing Parking Demand and the Need for Ordinance Revisions - Expert Presentation [VIDEO]

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an educational and scientific association of nearly 16,000 transportation specialists responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. The Metropolitan New York/New Jersey Section of ITE’s 2021 Annual Technical Conference had a focus on parking, and how past and current parking practices may apply to future projects. Robson Forensic expert Gordon Meth is a past President of the Metropolitan New York/New Jersey ITE Section, past Chair of the ITE Northeastern District, and is currently on the International Board as Northeastern District Director as well as being chair of the ITE Traffic Engineering Council.

In his presentation, Gordon uses parking studies and available data to discuss the need for standards to adapt to the changing demands for parking in modern development.

CHANGING PARKING DEMAND AND THE NEED FOR ORDINANCE REVISIONS - Expert Presentation for ITE Metropolitan New York/New Jersey Section 9th Annual Technical Conference

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