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In a recent case, Robson Forensic developed and fabricated a 1:3 scale, fully functional model of a machining fixture used to hold large castings in place while they are machined. 

Demonstrative Evidence: 3D Model Case Example

Demonstrative Evidence: Work Holding Fixture Model Example

The actual fixture measured roughly 9 feet in diameter and weighed thousands of pounds. Due to the complexity of the fixture, it was difficult to visualize and conceptualize how the fixture functioned based on 2D drawings and computer renderings, animations, etc.

Robson Forensic crafted a model, blending traditional model-making techniques and modern 3D printing to create a lightweight, fully functional, and configurable model complete with stand which allows a Jury to visualize and gain complete understanding of the fixture and its usage. The components that were not 3D printed were either custom fabricated or made using off-the-shelf components, and parts were custom painted as needed.

Physical Evidence Model Labeled Diagram

In addition, 3D printing was utilized to create scale models of several of the castings to demonstrate how the fixture clamped and held the castings in place. The models allow the expert to demonstrate how different fixture setups affect the fixture’s ability to properly hold the castings in place while being machined.



Robson Forensic Demonstrative Model Full View with Stand

Robson Forensic Demonstrative Model Detail View

The model proved to be instrumental in demonstrating what the incident fixture was and showing how it functioned in a manner that was both technically precise and easy to grasp.

Expert Retention is Not Required

Our services for the development and fabrication of demonstratives do not require the retention of a Robson Forensic expert on your case. However, when advantageous to our clients we can draw on the expertise of in-house experts in the development of visual aids. A thorough conflict check will be performed at the onset of any new project.

Robson Forensic offers one-off models and other physical demonstratives meticulously crafted to be relevant, accurate and representative of the issues in each case. These demonstratives can be used at any stage of litigation to showcase the function and composition of complex products; damage to vehicles, machinery, or other objects; or to assess the impact of alternative configurations.

For more information, visit our Demonstrative Evidence page or submit an inquiry.

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