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Smith Press Machine: Equipment & Safety Features

By David Ester
Expert Overview

This article provides an introduction to the Smith Press Machine, including safety issues that are commonly examined in relevant forensic investigations. The Smith Press Machine is somewhat unique…

Utility Line Contact Shock Injury Investigation

By Robson Forensic
Expert Article

In this case a construction laborer working on scaffolding was injured when an object he was holding contacted an electrical utility wire. The worker was shocked and fell to the ground below. This…

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) & Associated Clinical Signs

By Michael J. Whitekus, Ph.D., DABT
Expert Overview

  In this article, toxicologist Dr. Michael Whitekus provides a comprehensive reference table outlining a spectrum of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels. His analysis includes the number…

Metallurgical Failure Analysis 101

By Dawn DiMarco & Francesca Cibotti
Expert Overview

A metal component can fail in numerous ways. Sometimes, failure involves fracture. Other times, failure can include loss of function, wear, corrosion, and distortion. This article provides an overview…

Physical Hazards in Childcare Settings

By Janice S. P. Inman, MS.Ed., CPSI
Expert Article

This article addresses safety in childcare settings by revisiting the fact pattern from a door injury case. Young children are still developing the cognitive abilities necessary to identify and avoid…

Fall Protection on Residential Construction Projects

By Gregory H. Pestine, P.E.
Expert Article

Fall protection methods used in residential construction can differ from those used in commercial construction. In this article, Civil Engineer & Construction Safety Expert, Gregory…

Injury Causation in Care Facility Disputes

By Carolyne I. Albert, Ph.D.
Expert Article

In cases involving an injury to a resident in a long-term care facility, a combination of co-existing medical/health conditions, the level of supervision, and the resident’s ability to…

Abuse in Youth Athletics

By David Ester
Expert Article

Youth athletics, be it a team or individual sport, presents a unique environment and a distinct set of power dynamics whereby minors under the age of 18 are training and competing under the guidance…

Elevator Anatomy - Schematic of Traction & Hydraulic Elevator Systems

By Dennis W. Olson, C.E.I.
Expert Overview

The forensic experts at Robson Forensic are frequently retained to investigate injuries and construction claims related to elevators and escalators. In this article, our elevator experts have provided…

Use of Force: TASERs

By Mark Meredith
Expert Article

The TASER™ is considered a less-than-lethal weapon for law enforcement, albeit in certain conditions it may have lethal consequences. In this article, police practices expert, Mark Meredith…

Veterinary Surgical Errors

By McGee Leonard, DVM, DACVECC
Expert Article

Surgical procedures are expensive relative to other types of veterinary services, and thus the financial implications of surgical errors can be substantial. During these procedures, veterinary medical…

Electrical Shock Investigation Discovery Questions

By Jeffrey M. Kobilka, P.E., C.F.E.I.
Expert Article

Through a forensic investigation, it can often be determined whether electrical shock conditions were present, whether an electric shock occurred, and if electric shock did occur, the cause or causes.…

Drone Technology for Forensic Investigations

By Chad Phillips, AP
Expert Overview

For disputes involving hard-to-reach places, elements of highway engineering, architecture, or construction, or where measuring and mapping is needed, drones can assist in gaining critical data. The…

Strength Training Injuries in School-Aged Athletes

By David Ester
Expert Article

This article examines the nuanced aspects of high school weight training injuries, common causes for weight room injuries, and the standard of care for coaches to safely train young athletes.  …

Bouncers, Slides, and other Inflatable Attractions

By Lance Miller
Expert Article

In this article, the sports and recreation experts provide an introduction on the hazards associated with inflatable amusements. Topics include the most common causes of injury and steps that should…

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