Premises Security - Expert Investigates Assault at Medical Arts Building

This article provides a short synopsis of premises security expert, Donald Decker’s involvement investigating an incident of assault at a medical arts building.

Assault at Medical Arts Building - Expert Investigation

A young woman was physically assaulted while standing outside of a medical arts building. She claimed that the assault was a result of failures on part of the property management company to provide adequate security, including a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system and patrolling security personnel. Robson Forensic premises security expert, Donald J. Decker, CPP, CPM, was retained to determine if the property management company provided adequate security.

The area where the assault occurred was an open area, exposed to view from many directions. It was daylight at the time of the assault. Mr. Decker demonstrated that based on passive security measures that were already in place and proper analysis for crime statistics and foreseeability, this location met the standard of care for reasonable security and did not require CCTV or security patrols.

Mr. Decker explained that the appropriate security measures for this location were the passive security measures of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED refers to physical design features at a location, including lighting, natural surveillance, access control, and natural territorial reinforcement in the design of a parking facility. Mr. Decker demonstrated that design of the facility, including driveways and the parking lot, were consistent with the concepts of CPTED and that the property management company provided an adequate level of security.

This matter resolved favorably for the property management company.

Premises Security Investigations

Our premises security experts evaluate the adequacy of active and/or passive security measures in relation to criminal activity. Through proper analysis, they determine whether the security measures and/or actions of personnel were reasonable based on a number of factors that include the industry standard of care, and relevant background information specific to each incident.

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