Product Cutaways for Court Demonstratives Expert Article

Product Cutaways provide a compelling cross-section view of complex or fully enclosed products. Robson Forensic produces finely crafted demonstrative evidence for clients on a broad range of case types.

Product Cutaways for Court Demonstratives

There is something fascinating and memorable about seeing the internal components of products and systems. A professionally made cutaway can be strategically deployed in the courtroom to capture the attention of jurors. By removing the potential for digital embellishment, counsel can effectively communicate their case strategy through trusted, tangible evidence.

Propane Tank Cutaway: Demonstrative Example 1

Propane tank cross section court demonstrative

The propane tank is a ubiquitous and reasonably simple device, but it’s impossible to fully appreciate how it functions until you have seen the inside. The use of a cutaway in this example allows the triers of fact to comprehend, with absolute clarity, the simple functionality of the overfill protection float.

Utility Wheel & Tire Cutaway: Demonstrative Example 2

Tire cross section court demonstrative

A wheel, like the one pictured above, can only function properly if there is a suitable interface between the rim and tire, secured in place by pressure from the inner-tube. A product cutaway is effective for demonstrating the cross sectional design of the rim, as well as the fitment and tolerance between the bead of the tire and the wheel flange.

Valve Cutaway: Demonstrative Example 3

Valve cutaway court demonstrative

From an external perspective, especially when installed, it is difficult to appreciate the difference in functionality of various valves. When presented as a cutaway, the differences become immediately apparent. Produced uniquely for each case, valve cutaways can be left operable or secured in a specific position relevant to the case.

Water Heater: Demonstrative Example 4

Water Heater Cutaway

Exposing the internal components of complex products can bring clarity and credibility to your expert’s testimony. In this example of a water heater, color has been applied throughout the system to demonstrate the separation of heated gases and water. Similar treatments can be applied in a broad range of examples.

Expert Retention Is Not Required

Our services for the development and fabrication of demonstratives do not require the retention of a Robson Forensic expert on your case. However, when advantageous to our clients we can draw on the expertise of in-house experts in the development of visual aids. A thorough conflict check will be performed at the onset of any new project.

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