Residential Security - Expert Investigates Assault in Housing Project

This article provides a short synopsis of premises security expert, Donald Decker’s involvement investigating an incident of assault at a residential apartment complex.


A young woman was sexually assaulted while walking up the stairway of her apartment building. Robson Forensic premises security expert, Donald J. Decker, CPP, CPM, was retained to determine if the actions of the Housing Authority caused this incident.

Prior to the incident, the Housing Authority received many complaints concerning building security. Residents filed complaints about the lack of security cameras and onsite security personnel, as well as automatically closing and locking doors. The building was often the site of violent criminal activity.

Mr. Decker opined that the Housing Authority should have effectively controlled access into the apartment building. Reasonable attention to known criminal activity required security measures that would have prevented this assault. The Housing Authority violated the standard of care for property owners and created a dangerous condition that caused the assault. Had the Housing Authority provided reasonable security measures for the tenants of the apartment building, this assault would not have occurred.

Premises Security Investigations

Our premises security experts evaluate the adequacy of active and/or passive security measures in relation to criminal activity. Through proper analysis, they determine whether the security measures and/or actions of personnel were reasonable based on a number of factors that include the industry standard of care, and relevant background information specific to each incident.

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