Slip on Ice – Expert Investigates Differing Conditions in Parking Lot

An employee was walking toward his car when he slipped and fell on ice covered by a dusting of snow from that afternoon. Although elsewhere the parking lot was clear and dry, ice had formed where he was walking among cars—an area that had not been plowed or treated during the past two weeks.

Raymond Lee PhD, an expert in meteorology, was retained by plaintiff’s counsel. Using surface data and weather radar archives, Lee analyzed the site’s recent history of precipitation, cloud cover, and temperature to show that the ice on which the employee fell would not have been present if the area had been treated like the rest of the parking lot.

Case Results

Source: VerdictSearch

Slip, Fall in Unplowed Parking Lot Caused Leg Amputation

Amount: $1,300,000


The jury found G & M Crawford negligent, and its negligence was a factual cause of Barnes’ injuries. Jurors determined Barnes was comparatively negligent but his negligence was not a factual cause of his injuries. The plaintiffs were determined to receive $1.3 million.

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