In this presentation, youth sports expert, Corey Andres, discusses the factors involved in assessing and managing the risk factors in organized youth sports. Topics range from the role of athletic physicals, proper training of coaches and volunteers, emergency planning, site selection and preparation, sport specific equipment needs, proper conditioning, and minimizing the likelihood of injuries.

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Featured Expert

Corey Andres, M.Ed.

Corey is a sports and recreation expert, who specializes in recreation and sports programming, coaching, athletic conditioning, and youth camp supervision and administration. Corey is a competitive athlete as well as a professional educator with more than seventeen years of professional experience. Throughout his adult life, Corey has been actively involved in coaching school-sponsored and club sports. He is also active as a camp counselor and camp administrator for youth programs. Corey’s coaching, teaching, and camp counseling experience extends to children of all levels of mental and physical ability.