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Investigating Cold Fires

By Timothy M. Wilhelm, C.F.E.I., C.V.F.I.
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To the uninitiated a fire scene looks like char and ash with no discernible evidence as to where or why a fire started. Short of finding a melted lighter or remnant of a match, most laypeople are…

Investigating Fire Sprinkler Systems

By Dale J. Cagwin, P.E., C.F.E.I.
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When fire sprinkler systems activate and/or release water we are frequently retained to determine if the systems worked as intended. In the course of these investigations there are common questions…

Dispelling Myths of Origin & Cause Investigations

By Timothy M. Wilhelm, C.F.E.I., C.V.F.I.
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This article, by forensic fire investigator, Timothy M. Wilhelm, C.F.E.I., C.V.F.I., discusses three longstanding myths of fire investigation and the truth behind each topic. Fire Investigation Myths…