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Physical Model Court Demonstrative

By Marcus A. Mazza, P.E.
Expert Article

In a recent case, Robson Forensic developed and fabricated a 1:3 scale, fully functional model of a machining fixture used to hold large castings in place while they are machined.  Demonstrative…

Product Cutaways for Court Demonstratives

By Robson Forensic
Expert Article

Product Cutaways provide a compelling cross-section view of complex or fully enclosed products. Robson Forensic produces finely crafted demonstrative evidence for clients on a broad range of case…

Forensic Evidence Management

By Bret W. Johnson
Expert Article

In this article, the head of Evidence & Laboratory services at Robson Forensic, Bret Johnson, provides an introduction to the collection and storage of forensic evidence. Forensic Evidence…