Matthew Herr Business Development

Matthew Herr, Business Development

Matt spearheads Non-Forensic business development efforts at Robson Forensic. His focus includes all technical consulting projects unrelated to litigation and insurance claims, including failure analysis and refinement of products and industrial processes, prototype development, remediation consulting, and other projects that align with the specialized in-house expertise at the firm.

Matt joined the Business Development team at Robson Forensic in 2014 focusing on forensic casework for 7 years, where he arranged expert witness solutions that aligned with the nuanced needs of over 7,000 unique cases. As a result, he has a deep understanding of the firm, our experts, and the range of our technical capabilities.

Out of the office, Matt is an outdoors enthusiast, and is usually planning his next trip to go snowboarding, fly fishing, or hiking with his Heeler, Arlo.