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For the intellectual, confident, and articulate technical professional, Robson Forensic provides an opportunity to build a meaningful career, advancing industry standards in your field through the investigation of mishaps and economic loss claims.

Our experts apply strict technical rigor and state of the art technology in the pursuit of answers when people are injured, property is damaged, or large-scale projects are delayed.

Robson Forensic is an industry leader and preferred expert provider amongst many nationally prominent law firms and top-tier insurance providers.

Robson Forensic – Forensic Expert Witnesses

Areas of Expertise

We extend expertise in a range of disciplines diverse as automotive engineering, industrial machine design, toxicology, and construction management. We seek professionals who share our passion for continuous learning, technical rigor, and a no-nonsense work environment.

This industry is incredibly demanding and intellectually taxing. We expect dedication, teamwork, and an openness to learn from all of our employees. Most of all, we demand a willingness and desire to contribute to building your own practice and an indefatigable pursuit of excellence.

If Robson Forensic sounds like the company you have been looking for, please review our current opportunities.

Other Opportunities

If you are certain that Robson Forensic is the company where you belong, but we do not have a listing that matches your credentials, contact; we have been known to create opportunities for professionals with interesting and relevant expertise.