Meteorologist & Visibility Expert California

Do you want to use your education, experience, training and drive to make a meaningful difference in society?
Do you want a challenging fulltime job that provides personal and professional satisfaction and opportunities for development and growth?

If so, you may be interested in working as a full-time expert in Meteorology, Object Visibility, and Lighting, for Robson Forensic: a longstanding broad-based national forensic expert firm with a first-rate reputation. Our experts are engaged in meaningful casework that is beneficial and consequential to society.

Robson Forensic seeks a Meteorologist to apply their expertise to plaintiff and defense investigations involving damage claims related to adverse weather and human vision.

Every project is unique, but many involve a site inspection, the review of case documents, and technical analysis to develop an opinion regarding how and why particular events occurred. Most cases culminate with a written report, but some require deposition or courtroom testimony.

No prior forensic experience is required. Robson Forensic provides training, resources, and ongoing support to empower experts to successfully apply their technical expertise to forensic casework. We are looking for an individual with an inquisitive mind who is driven to master a new application of their craft. Expert work is interesting, intense and challenging.


We are open to applicants anywhere in the US. However, most favorable locations are: Atlanta, Southern California/Los Angeles and Houston.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Ph.D. in Meteorology
  • Experience in determining weather conditions at a particular location and time
  • Experience in determining how weather and visibility conditions affect drivers, pedestrians, air pilots or boaters
  • Experience in measuring and modeling the visibility of lights and objects seen under low-light conditions
  • Experience in measuring and modeling the phases of twilight as well as twilight lighting conditions in different kinds of weather
  • Ability and experience in determining how glare from bright light sources such as headlights and direct sunlight can affect driver visibility

About Us:

Robson Forensic is a multi-disciplinary forensic engineering firm with offices throughout the U.S. Our experts are seasoned, skilled professionals with impeccable academic and professional credentials working in an aggressive, competitive and serious environment. Experts at Robson Forensic also work alongside numerous highly respected experts from multiple areas in industry and academia. Robson Forensic supports each expert with extensive technical and academic resources, and provides a unique working dynamic that blends collaboration and autonomy.

Due to the seriousness and severity of our work, we do stringent background checks on all our candidates. Candidates are required to pass a drug, background, and reference check prior to their final interview.

Please be cognizant that we will be checking all aspects of your CV to make sure the information included is verifiable.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply:

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding position, and meet our minimum requirements, please click here to apply. A resume and cover letter outlining your professional experience are required.