Company The Robson Forensic Difference

Robson Forensic is a national leader in forensic engineering, providing superior technical expertise, expert testimony, and scientific investigation. Our work lifts us to the building parapet and across the ship deck, and from the operating room to the factory floor. At Robson Forensic you will find highly respected experts from various disciplines spanning industry and academia.

Robson Forensic – Forensic Expert Witnesses

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Provide Excellent and Comprehensive Engineering, Architectural, Scientific and Technical Services for the Long Term Benefit of the Company’s Clients, the Public and Our Employees.

In Doing So, We Will Sustain a Corporate Environment of Opportunity and Stability.

Robson Forensic is fundamentally different than other forensic firms; as a firm we hold ourself accountable for our experts’ work, we fully vet their credentials, and invest in their continued technical development. If you have worked with us before, you understand the depth and value of our approach. If you have never worked with Robson Forensic, we encourage you to speak with your peers who have; their recommendation will mean more than anything we can show on this site.

We are confident in our experts and our processes. At Robson Forensic we recruit the finest talent and maintain a culture of technical acuity and scientific rigor. The following traits help to define how Robson Forensic is uniquely different.

The creation of Robson Forensic owes credit to the fascinating nature of our work. The opportunity to place our hands on the physical remnants of destruction, determine the cause of failure, and advise on what could, or should have been done differently is an intellectually thrilling experience. Our experts are scholars and tradesman; at our very core we are problem solvers.

  • Accountability – We are invested in our experts; we hire them, we vet their credentials, and we invest in their continued development. We stand behind their work, and in the unforeseen situation that an expert falls ill or cannot complete a project, we find a suitable replacement.
  • Real World Experience – An expert is someone who has done the actual work; laid bricks, designed machines, captained ships, or assembled vehicles. This concept may not be relevant to every discipline, but where practical our experts have done the actual work, gotten their hands dirty.
  • Peer Review – A scholastic inspired system of peer review allows our clients to benefit from the collective expertise of our firm. The depth of expertise at Robson Forensic allows this all to be completed internally.
  • Primary Research – Our experts conduct primary research that is published in industry trade journals. Research advances our forensic capabilities and satisfies our intellectual curiosity.
  • Technical Resources – Our technical library is extensive, rivaling that of many academic institutions. We harness the knowledge and resources to effectively research, develop, and support our technical opinions.
  • Laboratory Facilities – State of the art lab facilities provide the environment to inspect and test a variety of products and materials. Our experts develop new test methodologies and contribute to standards organizations.

In 1987 we were two men in a basement, solving difficult technical problems involving highway design and vehicle crashes. Our growth was spurred by our intellectual curiosity; in order to find the proper solution to our clients’ problems we needed technical experts in complementary disciplines. If you trace our growth you will find an intentional progression that gradually broadened our expertise without sacrificing quality or depth.

Today Robson Forensic employs more than ninety full-time experts, plus an additional group of technical consultants who perform forensic work exclusively for us. Our growth has been calculated, deliberate, and intentional, as you would expect from a collection of engineering and scientific minds.

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