Expert Witness Biography

Brett Galambos has been involved in scuba diving for more than three decades. He is a certified SCUBA Instructor and/or Dive Master through numerous organizations including NAUI, SSI, PADI, and SDI/TDI.

Brett has been an instructor for SCUBA Venture, Inc. and North East SCUBA Supply, providing instruction on all phases of recreational SCUBA diving. Brett has taught children and adults and instructed courses involving altitude diving, deep water diving, wreck diving, ice diving, and the use of specialty gases such as Nitrox. He is also experienced and highly credentialed in Diving Emergency courses and proper emergency care for injured scuba divers. His training includes the safe and appropriate use of diving equipment, adherence to safety guidelines, and he is responsible for individuals on chartered dive boats in the Atlantic Ocean and Inlet trips.

Brett maintains his Red Cross and New Jersey Safe Boating certifications, and he’s also an instructor for First Aid, CPR and AED. He maintains a number of professional memberships including the National Education Association, the National Association of Underwater Instructors and SCUBA Schools International.