Expert Witness Biography

Most vehicle crashes involve at least three collisions; an impact between the vehicle and another object, an impact between the vehicle occupants and the vehicle interior, and an impact involving the occupants’ internal organs. Tom is one of the few experts with the qualifications to reconstruct a vehicle collision through all of these phases.

As an automotive expert, Tom can piece together a vehicle from start to finish: the brake system, transmission, shocks, engine, power steering, air conditioning, fuel systems. He has 30 years experience in automotive engineering with expertise ranging from used and new vehicles to antiques and classics. His vehicle expertise also includes areas of product liability, specializing in engine, transmission, ABS, sudden acceleration, brakes, steering, suspension, seat belt, air bag and other vehicle failures.

Tom’s expertise in crash reconstruction is not limited to motor vehicles; he can also reconstruct crashes involving pedestrian knockdowns, passenger car, light truck, heavy truck, horse and buggy, and bicycles. In nearly twenty years with Robson Forensic, Tom has investigated more than one thousand crash cases.

Tom is a Professional Engineer, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine and is ASE certified.