Marcus A. Mazza, P.E.

Marcus A. Mazza P.E.

Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert

Marcus Mazza is an automotive engineer with diverse experience in production vehicles, military vehicles, and motorsports. He applies his expertise to intellectual property disputes as well as vehicle crash investigations, including crash reconstructions, crashworthiness investigations, and analyses of vehicle systems performance.

Upon completion of his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Marcus worked for five years with DaimlerChrysler. At Chrysler, Marcus was responsible for ensuring that vehicles complied with governmental safety guidelines; he conducted computer simulations and real world testing on complete vehicles as well as individual vehicle components. Marcus also spent twelve months in Stuttgart, Germany working with the Mercedes Car Group on vehicle dynamics projects.

During his tenure at Chrysler, Marcus co-founded an engineering design, prototyping, and consulting company catering to the motorsports industry. Marcus remained active in this venture for over seven years, during which he transitioned full-time to an engineering company that provides vehicle durability and performance testing for automotive and motorcycle manufacturers as well as motorsports teams. Prior to joining Robson Forensic, Marcus spent four years testing military vehicles for handling and performance, and rollover resistance.

Marcus is a Professional Engineer in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. He earned engineering degrees from two of the nation’s most respected programs, Lehigh University and the University of Michigan. His hands-on experience designing and testing complete vehicles and automotive products qualifies Marcus to investigate a broad range of vehicle matters.

Amusement Investigations

Marcus is also a Pennsylvania Certified Amusement Ride Inspector. He applies his engineering and motor sports expertise to forensic casework involving go-carts, amusement restraint systems, and protective enclosures.

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