J. Rick Barrett,

J. Rick Barrett

Automotive Engineer & Heavy Truck Expert

Rick Barrett is a vehicle engineering expert with industry experience involving passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, and specialty vehicles utilized by the military and emergency responders. His career within the automotive industry spans nearly twenty years and touches virtually every major vehicle system. As an expert at Robson Forensic, Rick investigates both vehicle crash and economic loss claims; he applies his expertise to forensic casework involving vehicle failures, vehicle performance, dynamic handling, lifecycle durability, and intellectual property disputes.

As a vehicle engineer with Navistar, Mack, Volvo, DaimlerChrysler, Magna Steyr, and other automotive Tier One suppliers, Rick has created, developed and delivered full vehicle products to include the entire lifecycle for vehicle design and manufacture. He has designed and engineered systems for concept vehicles, as well as tested and validated systems on pre-production vehicles. During current model production, Rick has identified and remedied supplier and OEM manufacturing issues, and made further quality, performance, and delivery improvements to enhance vehicle manufacturing.

Outside of the office, Rick is an avid restorer of classic cars while building/maintaining advanced modern vehicles for personal and motorsports use. He has been updating older vehicles with modern safety systems, improved powertrain performance and updated complete suspension systems for improved handling, comfort and safety.

Rick earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. He is a member of the Automotive OEM Professionals, National Fire Protection Association and Armored Military Vehicles. His industry experience and engineering background combined with his hands-on automotive experience qualifies Rick to investigate a broad range of vehicle matters.