Chad Phillips, AP Technical Services Expert

Chad Phillips, Technical Services Expert

Chad Phillips is an Aviation and Mechanical expert with over 15 years of professional experience inspecting, maintaining, and repairing helicopters, airport equipment, and a broad range of industrial machinery/equipment. As a helicopter and aviation mechanic, Chad has extensive hands-on experience and training in hydraulic systems, flight controls, driveline, avionics, electrical and other complex systems, equipment, and tools.

Chad knew early on that his path would lead to a career in aviation, and to serving his country. With his father in the Air Force, growing up next to a base, Chad spent his early years getting involved with aviation and machinery wherever he could. He joined the Civil Air Patrol as a youth, and spent time restoring old cars, tractors, and any machinery he could get his hands on.

During his undergraduate studies, Chad enlisted in the National Guard, and moonlighted as an industrial truck operator in a warehouse. Upon graduation, he served in the Army on active duty, where his duties centered on aircraft maintenance and inspection, as well as the operation of off-road cargo trucks, cranes, forklifts, tractors, and tugs. He ensured mission readiness of assigned aircraft during his deployment, and was also tasked with aircrew flight duties.

Chad earned certification as an airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic for the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, where he worked for nearly fifteen years. In this role, he traveled to locations worldwide to troubleshoot, repair, and provide technical expertise and training on complex hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems for customer operations. He was entrusted with directing and supervising high profile projects for the Canadian Air Force, Japanese Coast Guard, and Indian Coast Guard, not least of all being the direction of a multi-disciplinary support team tasked with the maintenance of the VH-92 Marine One helicopter in testing for service to the President of the United States.

Highly trained and experienced helicopter/aviation mechanic and technical supervisor, accomplished in safe aviation and material handling operations. Extensive experience, education and training in inspecting, diagnosing, troubleshooting and fault isolation of critical mechanical, hydraulic /hydro-mechanical, flight controls, driveline, avionics and electrical systems. Adept with safety procedures, operation, maintenance, inspection, repair, and overhaul, of related equipment, tools, and systems.

Aircraft (Airframe) Inspections, Operations, Repair, Maintenance, Troubleshooting: airframe electrical including lighting and caution and warning systems; landing gear systems including electrical, hydraulic, emergency extension systems, emergency float systems; flight controls systems – manual, electrical, and hydraulic including proper installation and rigging; structural repair processes – sheet metal and composites, corrosion; cabin heating, cooling, and ventilation to include bleed air systems; seats and restraints; aircraft refueling/de-fueling operations; fuel testing for contamination/quality; fueling safety procedures and standards; oil sampling using the Portable Oil Diagnostic System (PODS); rotor dynamic tracking and balancing; helicopter blade fold systems; drive shaft balancing; rescue hoists, deployable life raft systems.

Aircraft (Power Plant) Inspections, Operations, Repair, Maintenance, Troubleshooting: engine electrical and electrical power generation and control, engine ignition systems, engine mechanical, engine fuel scheduling and management systems including turbine engine hydro-mechanical and electronic fuel controls and rigging, engine oil systems, engine cooling systems, engine induction and exhaust, auxiliary power units (turbine), engine and airframe fire detection, High Rate of Discharge (HRD) extinguishing systems; engine starting including electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic start systems.

Aircraft (Avionics) Inspections, Operations, Repair, Maintenance, Troubleshooting: avionics, fuel gauging systems, flight management systems, bearing monitoring systems, digital flight instrumentation, integrated navigation/communication systems, GPS, auto-pilot systems, electronic engine monitoring and management systems including FADEC, multi-function displays, Health Usage and Monitoring Systems (HUMS), Forward Looking Infrared Systems (FLIR).

Material Handling/Lift Equipment: safety inspections, operations, repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting of: hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic systems, components, controls, guards and safety features on lift vehicles including: lift trucks, lift gates, loading dock levelers, small cranes, forklifts, scissor lifts, pallet jacks, boom lifts; overhead hoists and lifting attachments to include chain, wire rope, web and nylon slings, shackles, and hooks

Cargo Operations: load securement, lifting operations, load balancing and center of gravity, non-standard cargo, trailer loading, crating, ratchet chain binders, lever binders, ratchet straps, load bars, shoring beams, chocks, E Track system, FAA regulations, helicopter internal load securement, aircraft weight and balance, external cargo handling and rigging.

Tools/Shop Equipment: hydraulic jacks and lifts, raised work stands, engineered work platforms and ladders; pneumatic drills, nibblers, saws, grinders, impact wrenches, and rivet guns; electric bench grinders, drill presses, hand drills, saws, hand grinders, impact wrenches; welders – acetylene and Metal Inert Gas (MIG); sandblasting cabinets, portable sandblasters, air compressors, torque multipliers, compression testers, multi-meters, crimpers, band-saws, lathes, milling machines, hydraulic presses, metal shears, metal brakes, basic and calibrated hand tools.

Safety Procedures and Requirements: shop floor safety; training and enforcement of safety policies and procedures; material safety data sheets (MSDS); right-to-know; hazard communications; Foreign Object Debris(FOD) mitigation; electrostatic discharge; confined space; lockout/tagout; machine safeguarding; caution and warning signs; instruction manuals; OEM work instructions; airport ramp and ground operation procedures including aircraft towing, ground support vehicles, baggage handling equipment, air-stairs, single point and over-wing refueling equipment; flight line operations procedures including aircraft marshalling and signaling during day and night conditions; flight line maintenance operations and maintenance test flight procedures; forklifts; forklift operations; material handling.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2019 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving maintenance shops and activities, associated tooling and equipment, aviation and general ground and cargo operations, aircraft and similar systems and product failure analysis.

Leahy Aviation and Marine (Independent Contractor)

Lead Aircraft Technician

2017 to present

Responsible for preparing aircraft for international shipping by removing, packaging/crating and readying dynamic components and airframes for seagoing, over the road, and cargo aircraft transport. Performed rigging operations to lift aircraft and associated material for shipping and maintenance purposes. Secured non-standard loads and cargo for shipping using best practices and related equipment. Conducted offload of aircraft at customer destinations using forklifts, small cranes, and other heavy equipment. Reinstalled dynamic components and performed Return to Service activities to include: rotor track and balance, servicing, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs using applicable OEM documentation, standard practices, tooling and ground support equipment.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation/Lockheed Martin

Lead A&P Mechanic

2006 to 2019

Installed dynamic components, rigged flight controls, performed acceptance test procedures, accompanied experimental aircraft during flight testing and operated vibration analysis and HUMS equipment. Used data to track and balance aircraft rotor systems and engine high-speed shafts. Responsible for troubleshooting defects in aircraft systems as well as supporting customer deliveries. Managed a multidiscipline team of technicians and was responsible for the training and compliance of OSHA, EPA, FAA regulations, and FOD mitigation. Traveled to locations worldwide to troubleshoot, repair and provide technical expertise and training on complex hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems for customer operations.

United States Army

Helicopter Repairer/Crew Chief

2000 to 2006

Responsible for maintaining assigned aircraft, ensuring its mission readiness while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Tasked with user-level maintenance, troubleshooting and aircrew flight duties, including, but not limited to: internal and external cargo handling, passenger handling, aerial gunnery, and night vision operations. Performed maintenance on aircraft assigned to the Eastern Army Aviation Training Site, including performing daily inspections, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, record and logbook updates, and phase inspections. Operated off-road cargo trucks, cranes, forklifts, tractors, and tugs. Loaded, secured, transported and offloaded material and equipment to support the aviation mission.

Professional Credentials

  • FAA Airframe and Power Plant License
    • Baker’s School of Aeronautics, Nashville, TN
  • FAA Licensed Small Unmanned Aircraft System Remote Pilot


Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA

Continuing Education

  • Zero to Hero in Cloud Compare, 2023
  • Drones for Mapping Accident Reconstruction Sites, SAE International, 2023
  • Axon Investigate Operator Certification (8 Hours), 2022
  • Axon Investigate Examiner Certification (8 Hours), 2022
  • Point Clouds in Collision Reconstruction: Speed from Video and Crush from Photos, Lightpoint, 2022
  • Concrete Power Buggy Safety Training, Hard Hat Training Series, 2021
  • Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, Vehicle Types Trained on: JLG 3246ES and JLG 450AJ, 2021
  • Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation Training Program, National Association of Fire Investigators, Int’l, 2020
  • Lycoming Engines Service School, 40 hours Lycoming course, 2019
  • Operator Training Program for Sit-down Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks, Midatlantic Industrial Equipment, Ltd., 2019
  • Custom Survival and Egress Training Course, Survival Systems USA, Inc., 2018
  • CT7-8A Engine Line Maintenance Course, General Electric CTEC, 2012
  • S-92A General Familiarization Course, ATA Level I, Sikorsky Global Helicopters, 2011
  • S-92 Integrated Maintenance Diagnostic Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) Factory Course, Sikorsky Global Helicopters, 2010
  • S76 Familiarization Course Consisting of 80 Hours of Instruction, TedTec Training, 2009
  • UH-60 Helicopter Repairer’s Course, Distinguished Honor Graduate, US Army Aviation Logistics School, 2003


CH-148 Delivery Team, Maritime Helicopter Program, Shearwater, Canada
Lead Mechanic/Crew Chief of a multidiscipline team responsible for ongoing in-country deliveries and support of Canadian Forces CH-148 Cyclone Helicopters. Performed flight crew duties during aircraft ferries from company factory to customer locations. Implemented customer requested modifications and requests. Performed repairs, troubleshooting, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) documentation, engineering instructions, and standard shop practices. Provided aircraft specific training and mentored customer technicians during the delivery process.

S92A Delivery Team Lead, Royal Thai Airforce, U-Tapao, Thailand
Supervised a multidiscipline team responsible for delivering two S92A Helicopters destined for the King of Thailand in U-Tapao, Thailand. Performed offloading of the helicopters from the Antonov 124 transport plane, reassembly, and return to service of helicopter. Implemented customer requested modifications and supported customer acceptance testing. Provided aircraft specific training and mentored customer technicians during the delivery process.

VH-92 Maintenance Trainer Build Technician, Owego, New York
Build Technician responsible for mechanical, electrical, and structural modifications and installs on the VH-92 Presidential Helicopter Maintenance Trainer in support of the United States Marine Corps Presidential Executive Helicopter Transport Replacement Program. Performed electrical, hydraulic, mechanical troubleshooting per general practices, OEM guide lines, and engineering test plans.

S92A Delivery Team Lead, Korean Coast Guard, Incheon, Korea
Supervised a multidiscipline team responsible for delivering an S92A Helicopter to a customer in Incheon, Korea. Performed Roll On/Roll Off (RORO) Ship offload, reassembly, and return to service of helicopter. Implemented customer requested modifications and supported customer acceptance testing. Provided aircraft specific training and mentored customer technicians during the delivery process.

VH-92 Presidential Helicopter Lead A&P Maintenance Crew Chief, Owego, New York
Responsible for directing a multidiscipline maintenance support team tasked with scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of the VH-92 Presidential Test Aircraft during testing at the Lockheed Martin Facility in Owego, NY. Provided direction and mentorship to junior technicians in the day to day operations in support of engineering test plan. Provided information and experience to program directors in order for them to make well-informed timely decisions.

S92A Customer Support Consultant, CHC Helicopters, Aberdeen, Scotland
Deployed to customer’s location in order to assist in troubleshooting, fault isolation and to provide maintenance support. Was credited for isolating fault and providing the ability of the customer to return their aircraft to service with minimal operational impact.

S92A Demonstration Team, Indian Coast Guard, Daman, India
Lead Maintenance Crew Chief for a multi-discipline team tasked with maintenance and flight support of Company S92A during the Indian Coast Guard Helicopter Trials. Worked with personnel from the Indian Coast Guard, Sikorsky Engineering, and Marketing to ensure on time project completion. Achieved 100% Operational Readiness with no delays due to maintenance.

S76D Modification Team, Dehong Air Transport, Zhuhai, China
Directed a maintenance team deployed in support of customer S-76D requiring airframe, avionics and rigging modifications.

S76D FAA Certification Project, Japanese Coast Guard, Nashua, New Hampshire
Lead Maintenance Crew Chief for a multi-discipline team tasked with maintenance and flight support of Company S76D destined for the Japanese Coast Guard. Worked with personnel from the Federal Aviation Administration and Sikorsky Engineering to ensure on time project completion.

S76D High Intensity Radiated Fields Testing, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland
Lead Maintenance Crew Chief for a multi-discipline team tasked with maintenance and flight support of Company S76D during aircraft development and certification testing. Worked with personnel from the United States Navy and Sikorsky Engineering to ensure on time project completion.

Sikorsky S92A World Tour Crew Chief, World Wide
Responsible for maintaining an S92A, S/N 920146, ensuring its mission readiness at all times while deployed in support of Sikorsky’s World Wide S92A Marketing Tour. Tasked with user-level and heavy maintenance, troubleshooting, and aircrew flight duties, including, but not limited to: internal cargo handling, passenger handling, and demonstrating the aircrafts capabilities to prospective customers. Also responsible for assisting Sikorsky Marketing and Sales personnel in presentations and technical briefings for media, US and foreign military decision makers, and commercial operators.

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Military Vehicle Preservation Association, Member #35304E
  • National Association of Fire Investigators International, Member
  • Scouts BSA Committee Member, Troop 82
  • Girl Scouts of America Volunteer: Troop 70068, Troop 70305, and Troop 70585
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1463, Life Member
  • American Legion, Member


Avid antique vehicle restorer since 1991
Civil Air Patrol General Ira C. Eaker Award

v. 08/13/23

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