Christa A. Bakos, RN, CWCN

Christa A. Bakos RN, CWCN

Registered Nurse, Acute Hospital & Wound Care Expert

Christa Bakos is a Registered Nurse who specializes in acute care, with a specific emphasis on wound care. Her career in healthcare includes broader experience in outpatient care, critical care, case management, and acute care nursing. Christa applies her expertise to forensic casework evaluating the quality of patient care provided in medical facilities, residential facilities, outpatient wound clinics, and in the home.

Christa has over 17 years of nursing experience working in acute care, outpatient care, wound care, and healthcare management. Christa’s experience in acute care focused on bedside nursing for Critical Care, Cardiac, Surgical, Neurological, Wound Care, Oncological, and Renal patients. Christa has managed Outpatient Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Centers in the Chicago suburbs. As a manager, Christa was responsible for training Medical and Nursing professionals, ensuring compliance of State and Federal Regulations, developing and monitoring adherence to policies and procedures, auditing patient care, and ensuring Standards of Care were followed.

Christa is a Certified Wound Care Nurse. She received her Nursing Degree from College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and completed graduate coursework in Wound and Ostomy Care from Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Christa earned her BA from Iowa State University; she also received her ABA Paralegal Certification from Roosevelt University.