John A. Cocklin,

John A. Cocklin

Police Practices, Dram Shop & Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Expert

John Cocklin is qualified to investigate matters of law enforcement practices and procedures, as well as Dram Shop litigation and the regulation of alcoholic beverage products. John had a 34 year career with the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General: 22 years as a detective, Lieutenant, Deputy Chief and Chief with the Division of Criminal Justice and 12 years as Chief Investigator with the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. He was also a uniformed police officer in Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania.

As the Chief of Detectives, John had supervisory responsibility for 400 Detectives and Investigators assigned to various criminal investigation units in the Division of Criminal Justice. As a Deputy Chief, he commanded the Division’s Internal Affairs unit and the Prosecutor’s Supervisory Bureau that involved the supervision and review of criminal conduct, non-criminal professional conduct, use of force, and code of ethics violations.

John’s tenure as Chief Investigator for the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control involved the supervision of over 17,000 investigations, and regulatory oversight of more than 10,000 businesses licensed to manufacture, distribute sell or serve alcoholic beverages. John designed and implemented the first statewide investigation of alcoholic beverage substitution by bars and restaurants in the United States.

John has degrees in Criminal Justice (BS), Accounting (BS), and Business Administration (MBA). He is a Certified New Jersey Public Manager, as well as twenty-five year certified New Jersey police instructor. He held additional certifications from the New Jersey Police Training Commission as a Firearms Instructor, Subgun Instructor and Rangemaster. John is an active member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and was a member of the IACP’s Police Investigative Operations Committee, (1999 to 2002). He is also a retired member of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police.