Hendrik J. Keijer,

Hendrik J. Keijer

Marine Operations Expert

Captain Henk Keijer is both a Master Mariner and Marine Engineer. For nearly 25 years Captain Henk operated cruise ships, cargo ships, and boats unlimited in size, covering more than 2 million miles on the world’s oceans and seas. As an expert at Robson Forensic, Captain Henk applies his expertise to forensic investigations involving personal injury, marine processes, and maritime matters.

For nearly 10 years, Henk Captained and operated cruise ships with Holland America Line. Henk was one of the youngest Captains to be promoted, and as Captain carried the ultimate and overall responsibility for the safety, security, and wellbeing of thousands of individuals (both passengers and crew) aboard his vessels. During his distinguished career, Henk saved the lives of numerous persons on the high seas through rescues and evacuations. He has detailed knowledge of regulatory compliance, safety policies and procedures, maintenance requirements, marine equipment, and commanding emergency situations, including the extinguishment of shipboard fires. Henk is an accomplished navigator and ship handler with experience deviating around hurricanes, icebergs, and pirate infested waters.

Later in his career, Captain Henk augmented his seagoing experience with a land based position as Commodore for a major cruise line overseeing Captains and their vessels. As Commodore, Henk developed policy standards and conducted investigations into major incidents and accidents. Henk’s impressive experience involving cruise ships, combined with his earlier career experience aboard cargo ships provides a diverse base of expertise relevant to a broad manner of vessels and scenarios.

Captain Henk is recognized as a Master Mariner, a professional credential that qualifies him to serve as captain aboard a commercial vessel of any size, of any type, operating anywhere in the world. He is similarly recognized as a 3rd Engineer. Henk graduated as Maritime Officer from the Amsterdam University and is a member of the International Association of Marine Investigators and the American Professional Mariners Association. Captain Henk holds a GMDSS radio operator’s license and additional certification in radar navigation.