Dawn DiMarco Metallurgist & Materials Science Expert

Dawn DiMarco, Metallurgist & Materials Science Expert

Dawn DiMarco is a career Metallurgist with extensive experience in failure analysis, metallurgical consulting, electron microscopy and materials testing on a wide range of materials and industries including aerospace and automotive. With over 30 years of experience analyzing failures in aerospace components, rotating hardware, and automotive parts, Dawn is well qualified to investigate a broad range of product and material failures.

Dawn has performed failure and root cause analyses on numerous metal components. She has also evaluated failures in elastomer compounds and rubber-to-metal bonded parts. Dawn is experienced in electron and optical microscopy, x-ray analysis, non-destructive inspection, mechanical property evaluation, spectrometry, fractography and metallography. Her material failure experience includes a variety of manufacturing processes, including compression molding, metal forging, casting, cutting, grinding, milling, heat treating, painting, plating, and CNC machining. Dawn has also implemented many quality assurance processes to identify and remediate processing defects that contribute to component failures.

Both in industry and as a metallurgy expert, Dawn has unique experience analyzing corrosion and fatigue failures in rotating components such as automotive wheels, fasteners, aerospace gears, precision bearings, and rotor head components. She has worked with military and international material and product supplier teams.

Dawn earned her B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University College of Engineering and attended Drexel University's graduate program in Materials Engineering with an emphasis on Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy. Dawn has been awarded two patents.

Career Metallurgist with extensive experience in failure analysis, metallurgical consulting, electron microscopy and materials testing on a wide range of materials and industries including aerospace and automotive. Over 25 years’ experience analyzing failures in aerospace components, rotating hardware, and automotive parts.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2016 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving failure analysis.

Hutchinson Industries

Chief Metallurgist
Materials Laboratory Manager

2005 to 2017

Responsible for leading a team of chemists, elastomer engineers, test lab engineers and laboratory technicians in the development of aluminum wheels, rubber formulations, and coatings for military and consumer product applications. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of materials laboratory operations including metallurgical and rubber laboratory. Directs and manages the materials testing, operation, maintenance and repair of lab equipment.

Stork MMA Laboratories

Chief Metallurgist

2004 to 2005

Performed failure analyses on metallic components from a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and petroleum refining for manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and consumers. Experienced in metallurgical analyses using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (SEM/EDS) systems. Investigated and provided analysis and consultation regarding fastener failures, material properties, corrosion and manufacturing processing problems such as heat treatment issues. Performed metallurgical testing as well as day-to-day operation of metallurgical lab equipment.

The Boeing Company

Senior Technical Specialist—Materials & Process Engineering
Metallurgical Laboratory and Metallurgical Staff Engineer

1994 to 2004

Performed metallurgical evaluations and failure analysis of various critical helicopter components including rotor head, transmission, and landing gear of military rotorcraft.

  • Technical direction to manufacturing support and Material Review Board (MRB)
  • Audit raw material suppliers, qualifying part subcontractors, approving manufacturing plans and supplier data action notices.
  • Boeing Quality Pride Award for Customer Support
  • Pride@Boeing Recognition Awards
  • Boeing Materials Engineering Outstanding Performance Award
  • Tandem Rotor Commendable Performance Award

Naval Air Warfare Center

Materials Engineer

1989 to 1994

Worked with the Army, Air Force, NASA, and ARPA, to provide a coordinated approach to the development of advanced components for fighter/attack and subsonic/transport aircraft engines. Ensured transition of these components to future Navy systems. Maintained a role as the recognized focal point in the technologies associated with engine materials. Programmatically and technically managed advanced materials programs and ensured transition to future Navy systems. Supported the Technology Demonstrator Engine and Advanced Aircraft Programs: JTDE, JTAGG, F-22, F-18E/F, STOVL, and JAST. Provided technical direction in Navy fleet hardware improvements and maintain a role as Navy focal point for materials design, test and evaluation.


Rutgers University College of Engineering New Brunswick, NJ, B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, 1989

Continuing Education

Drexel University College of Engineering; Materials Engineering Department
Graduate Level

Structure and Properties of Metals
Structure and Properties of Ceramics
Phase Equilibria
Mechanical Behavior of Solids
Structure and Properties of Polymers
Introduction to Composite Materials
Thermodynamics of Solids
Fracture Mechanics I
Experimental Techniques of Materials
Diffusion of Solids
Advanced Engineering Mathematics I

Defense Acquisition Management University
Systems Engineering Management

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Fracture Mechanics

The University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI)
Aero-Propulsion Systems, Technology, Test and Evaluation

Training and Competencies

  • How Failure Analysis is Impacted by Additive Manufacturing, Knovel, 2020
  • Forensic Engineering Part C, Case Histories: Metallurgical & Mechanical Failure Analyses, SunCam, Inc., 2017
  • Forensic Engineering Part B, Four Classes of Metallurgical and Mechanical Failures, SunCam, Inc., 2017
  • Forensic Engineering Part A, Conducting Failure Analyses of Metallic Materials, SunCam, Inc., 2017
  • Elastomer Technology, 2016
  • Play Fair-Developing Competition Law Reflexes, 2015
  • Test Lab Safety Procedures & Requirements, 2015
  • Rubber Technology and Rheology, 2015
  • Digital Radiography & Real Time Radioscopy, 2014
  • Ground Combat Vehicle OPSEC Training, 2013
  • Fastening Technology and Bolted Joint Design, 2013
  • International Material Data System (IMDS) Standard Training, 2013
  • Mixing & Testing for Compound Consistency, 2013
  • Safety Training, 2012
  • Test Lab Safety, 2012
  • Emergency Evacuation, 2012
  • Quality Policy, 2011
  • Harassment / Diversity, 2010
  • The Process of Metal Casting, 2009
  • AS9100C Internal Quality Auditing, 2009
  • Michelin Radial Truck Tire Course, 2009
  • Digital Radiography & Real Time Radioscopy, 2006
  • Oxford Instruments INCA Microanalysis, 2001
  • Ethics Challenge, Questions of Integrity, 2000
  • Anti-Kickback, 2000
  • Product Substitution, 2000
  • Export Regulatory Compliance, 2000
  • Cambridge Instruments SEM Operator Training Course, 1998
  • Ethical Business Conduct-Baseline Training, 1998
  • Bearing Design and Analysis, 1998
  • Gear Manufacturing, 1998
  • Product Substitution, 1998
  • Going Global With the Basics - IS Security, 1998
  • Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Familiarization, 1997
  • Computing Security-Doing Business on the Web, 1997
  • Labor Charging Using Employee Time Keeping System, 1997
  • Radiation Safety-Analytical, Cabinet X-ray, 1997 & 2000
  • Safety Learning Map #1, 1997
  • Safety Learning Map #2, 1997
  • Hazardous Materials, 1996
  • Injury/Illness Reporting, Intervention, 1996
  • ISO 9000 Training - The First Step to the Future, 1996
  • Computing Security, 1996
  • Intellectual Property Awareness Training, 1996
  • Chemical Laboratory Safety, 1995
  • First Responder Awareness, 1995
  • Hazard Communication, 1995
  • Back Care Program, 1995
  • Ethics Review, 1995
  • Basic Bearing Design, 1995
  • Ethics, 1995
  • Computing Security: It's In Your Hands, 1994
  • Eye Protection, 1994
  • First Responder Awareness, 1994
  • Hazard Communication, 1994
  • Hazardous Waste, 1994

Professional Memberships

  • American Welding Society, 2020-present
  • ChIPs Advancing Women in Tech, Law, & Policy, 2019-present
  • ASM International, 1989-present
  • Failure Analysis Society, 2018-present
    • Programming Committee IMAT, 2020

Security Clearance

Cleared SECRET 1989-1994


Wear Resistant Wheel Coating and Method, US 8,333,878, published December 18, 2012


  • Coatings for High-Temperature Structural Materials: Trends & Opportunities (1996)
  • National Materials Advisory Board (NMAB) Government Liaison Representative

Technical Reviews

  • Technical Reviewer for ASM Handbook, Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention, "StressCorrosion Cracking"
  • Technical Reviewer for ASM Volume 11A, Failure Analysis and Prevention, “High-Temperature Corrosion-Related Failures”
  • Technical Reviewer for ASM Volume 11A, Failure Analysis and Prevention, “Analysis and Prevention of Corrosion-Related Failures”


Zeta Tau Alpha alumna

v. 06/30/20

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