Dawn DiMarco,

Dawn DiMarco

Metallurgist & Materials Science Expert

Dawn DiMarco is a career Metallurgist with extensive experience in failure analysis, metallurgical consulting, electron microscopy and materials testing on a wide range of materials and industries including aerospace and automotive. With over 30 years of experience analyzing failures in aerospace components, rotating hardware, and automotive parts, Dawn is well qualified to investigate a broad range of product and material failures.

Dawn has performed failure and root cause analyses on numerous metal components. She has also evaluated failures in elastomer compounds and rubber-to-metal bonded parts. Dawn is experienced in electron and optical microscopy, x-ray analysis, non-destructive inspection, mechanical property evaluation, spectrometry, fractography and metallography. Her material failure experience includes a variety of manufacturing processes, including compression molding, metal forging, casting, cutting, grinding, milling, heat treating, painting, plating, and CNC machining. Dawn has also implemented many quality assurance processes to identify and remediate processing defects that contribute to component failures.

Both in industry and as a metallurgy expert, Dawn has unique experience analyzing corrosion and fatigue failures in rotating components such as automotive wheels, fasteners, aerospace gears, precision bearings, and rotor head components. She has worked with military and international material and product supplier teams.

Dawn earned her B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University College of Engineering and attended Drexel University’s graduate program in Materials Engineering with an emphasis on Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy. Dawn has been awarded two patents.

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