Daryl L. Ebersole, P.E., C.F.E.I.

Daryl L. Ebersole P.E., C.F.E.I.

Electrical Engineer & Electrical Fires Expert

Daryl is a licensed Professional Engineer. He was an Electrical Engineer for the two largest commercial printing firms in the world and provided the full range of electrical engineering services for their facilities. His responsibilities included plant expansion designs that incorporated HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection.

Daryl’s background includes a lot of hands on experience. He completed an electrician’s apprenticeship and worked as a Journeyman Electrician in the trade for eight years prior to becoming an engineer. He continues to design and program control systems including electronic circuits and processor control.

Daryl investigates electrical causes of fires and has provided training for fire marshals. He’s knowledgeable about National Electric Code standards, and he can speak of power distribution ranging from generation to power lines to the receptacle in your home. He can also testify about electrical explosions, arc flashes, lightning damage, control systems, electrocution or shock hazards, video equipment, and workplace safety.

Daryl is a Professional Engineer in more than thirty states and the District of Columbia. He is a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers as well as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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