Brian O’Donel, P.E. Facilities Engineer & Workplace Safety Expert

Brian O’Donel, Facilities Engineer & Workplace Safety Expert

Brian is a Facilities Engineering and Workplace Safety expert with 30 years of experience in nearly every aspect of Facilities Management, including Manufacturing and Production; Industrial Equipment and Systems; Environmental, Health and Safety; and Security.

Early in his career Brian developed and produced friction materials and composites for the automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace industries. He worked through all aspects of the manufacturing process, from Research and Product Development; Materials Testing; Lab and Dynamometer Testing; Process Engineering and Production Equipment; to Customer Specifications and Heavy Equipment Applications. In these roles Brian managed a 1+ million square foot facility on 130+ acres.

Brian further developed his expertise in Safety Management, Injury Reduction, Injury/Failure Investigations, and Facilities Engineering with 20 years experience with the Standard Register Company in various roles including Engineering Management, Facilities Engineering, Equipment and Systems, Machine Guarding and Operation, and Environmental Health and Safety. He was responsible for the Safety and Compliance of more than 40 sites, including Manufacturing Plants, Offices, and Distribution Centers. He also managed site security for the manufacture of secure and negotiable documents for banking, healthcare, and government customers.

Brian also has more than 20 years experience providing Facilities Maintenance for the hospitality industry, lifelong experience in agricultural crop and livestock production, as well as unique experience in Hydro Power Production.

Brian is licensed as a Professional Engineer and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He earned certificates in OSHA Machine Guarding and Training, as well as Environmental Compliance and Permitting. He also holds certificates in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Experienced in facilities/plant engineering & maintenance, facilities systems, building and grounds year-round and winter maintenance, industrial production machinery and processes, product development, material science and failure analysis, building construction and maintenance, contractor management, security systems and management, environmental, health and work place safety.

Facilities and Plant Engineering: Systems design, installation, integration and maintenance, industrial systems, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, compressed air, heating and cooling humidification, roofing, walls & floors, doors & windows, overhead doors, lighting, energy management and systems, warehousing, dock systems, hoists & cranes, conveyors, maintenance management, waste streams and recycling equipment, code and regulatory requirements, ducting, cyclones and balers, snow removal planning and operations, and parking lot safety.

Machine Guarding, Machine Operation & Safety: Design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance, equipment relocation, rigging, and layouts, assessments and abatements, OSHA compliance, electrical and mechanical, pinch points, barrier guards.

Safety Procedure & Requirements: Workplace & industrial safety, union & non union environments, OSHA compliance, fall protection, injury investigations, safety management and training, policies and procedures, worker’s compensation claims and investigations, ergonomics and soft tissue injuries, slip/trip/falls, emergency response teams and management, hazard communications, lock out/tag out.

Security and Security Systems: Fences & gates, doors, card access systems, door status systems, photo beam systems, interlocks, security camera systems, security policies and procedures, NASPO requirements, secure and negotiable document security, security professional management.

Environmental Management: EPA, OSHA and DOT compliance; waste stream management, permitting and manifesting, chemical exposure and contamination.

Tree Management: Property safety, cutting techniques, equipment.

Tools and Equipment: Fork and clamp trucks, printing equipment, hydraulic equipment, injection molding, maintenance equipment and hand tools, pneumatic equipment, loaders, snowplows and snow removal equipment, agricultural equipment, gas powered chainsaws, wood working equipment.

Specialty Industries: Injection molding and composites, printing, , hospitality (hotel, restaurant, resort), heavy equipment brakes & clutches, hydro electric generation, agriculture and livestock production, agricultural equipment and process safety, animal training and control, construction, snow and ice removal/winter maintenance; property surveying.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2009 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of industrial, commercial and personal injury claims and litigation involving facilities, building and grounds, plant engineering and maintenance, warehousing, machine guarding and operation, industrial and premises safety, accident and injury investigations and worker’s compensation claims, product and production systems, security and security systems, production and manufacturing equipment and systems, environmental concerns, tree management, agricultural and equipment safety, animal control, and property management.

Veolia ES/Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Resource Manager for Motorcycle Assembly Campus


Provided technical consulting and management of waste stream and compliance projects and ensured regulatory compliance associated with a large manufacturer of vehicles/motor-cycles including distribution center.

Standard Register Company

Facilities Engineering and Maintenance Management, Engineering Management, Manufacturing Excellence and Continuous Improvement Management, Security Management, Safety, Environmental, and Health Management for Printing and Equipment Manufacturing

1989 to 2009
  • Managed plant engineering and maintenance.
  • Managed safety and emergency response; single & multiple plant.
  • Managed environmental compliance; single & multiple plant.
  • Design, installation, implementation and maintenance of facility & manufacturing systems; production equipment, compressed air, humidification, heating and cooling, gas fired boilers, roofing, walls, floors, windows, plumbing, mechanical & electrical, ducting, waste streams and recycling systems; single and multiple plant.
  • Designed, installed, maintained security equipment, policies and procedure for the products and management of secure and negotiable documents for banking, healthcare and government etc., including security investigations.
  • Responsible for single and multiple plant machine guarding and OSHA compliance; including assessments, design, installation, implementation, policies and procedure.
  • Generated and conducted training modules and training.
  • Managed, directed, and improved multiple site manufacturing plant ergonomic and soft tissue injury performance.
  • Safety accomplishments include corporate wide direction, program definition and implementation that improves safety index from 5.56 to 1.24 over 5 year period, reducing claim costs by more than $2 million/year. Reduced soft tissue injuries and slip/trip/falls and injury severity company-wide.
  • Responsible for plant and multiple site energy management.
  • Managed all phases of building management and improvements, construction projects, maintenance systems, contractor management.
  • Coordinated equipment moves and layouts, plant closures and relocations, rigging and logistics.
  • Led companywide environmental compliance and green initiatives, FSC, SFI.
  • Managed OSHA and EPA inspections and abatements.
  • Managed and conducted all facets of accident, failure, and loss investigations

Raymark Corporation

Engineering Management
Research and Product Development
Process Engineering

1983 to 1989
  • Facilities engineering, maintenance, security, project management.
  • Research and product development for composites, friction materials, brakes, clutches for automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment.
  • Managed injection molding department.
  • Lab management and testing, dynamometer development.
  • Significant work with Caterpillar, General Electric, John Deere, Ford, GM, Whirlpool, Morton Thiokol.
  • Safety and Compliance.

Safe Harbor Water Power Corp.

Co-op to Engineering and Mechanical Maintenance for Hydro Electric Generating Station

1977 to 1982
  • Hydroelectric generating station mechanical and electrical maintenance.
  • Generating unit rebuild and flood clear up.
  • Engineering and construction projects.
  • Property surveying.

Willow Valley Associates

Facilities maintenance contractor for resort, conference center and retirement homes

1975 to 1995
  • Exterior winter maintenance: Plowing and snow moving operations, planning, chemical treatments.
  • Interior maintenance and equipment and facilities: restaurant and aquatic facilities.

O’Donel Farms

Agricultural products, timber products, animal products

1991 to present
  • Property management and safety
  • Equipment maintenance and safety
  • Timber management, forest stewardship
  • Animal training and control
  • Rodeo horses

Professional Credentials

  • Professional Engineer: Pennsylvania
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified
  • Lean Manufacturing, Certified
  • OSHA 30-Hour, OSHA Machine Guarding, OSHA Trainer, Certified
  • Hazardous Waste, RCRA, DOT, HAZWOPER, Certified
  • Green Building training, SFI/FSC Certifications


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University


  • Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence
  • Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence
  • Associated Builders and Contractors Project of the Year


  • Hospitality resort maintenance and groundskeeping 20+ years Willow Valley Associates
  • Resort services, snow removal & grounds maintenance
  • Snow plowing and removal, walkway and entrance care for hotel/restaurant complex as well as farm and residential snow plowing experience. Equipment operated: truck plow, tractor plow, ag tractor front end loader, snow blower, salt spreader.
  • Agriculture: 30+ years, crop and live stock production, equipment maintenance & operation
  • Land surveying assistant 30+ years to licensed professional surveyor

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