Christopher C. Fogarty,

Christopher C. Fogarty

Facilities & Marine Engineering Expert

Christopher Fogarty is a Facilities Engineer with over 40 years of experience as a Maintenance Engineer and Chief Engineer at a large, state-of-the art public sports and entertainment facility. In the course of his career, he has been responsible for all technical aspects of Facilities Operations & Management, including equipment and building systems; health, safety, environment (HSE); and security.

For 30+ years, Chris worked at the Sacramento Kings Arena, a vast facility sprawling across 183 acres and over 480,000 square feet of space. His area of responsibility encompassed all of the facility’s maintenance, safety, repairs, waste handling, contractor management, and shipping & receiving. This includes all mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and utility systems, as well as the tools, equipment, and machinery used to perform these tasks. If a shovel touched the ground or a tool was used on any part of the facility, Chris had oversight. He was responsible any time there was a hazard that needed to be remediated; be it a spill, damaged/broken fixtures or furniture, walkway or stairway, and anything else that would disrupt the safe use and operation of the facility for all guests and workers. The safety and maintenance of all walking surfaces, stairways, seating, emergency egress, and restrooms were within Chris’ remit. He also performed the installation, modification, troubleshooting, repair, and testing of fire protection systems.

After earning his Bachelor of Engineering from SUNY Maritime College, Chris spent several years as a Second Assistant Engineer with Exxon Shipping Co., where he was responsible for the maintenance, operation, and repair of shipboard power plant systems. By the end of his tenure there, he was a USCG Licensed First Assistant Engineer.

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