Rory Craig,

Rory Craig

Product Designer & Helmet Expert

Rory Craig is a product safety expert who specializes in the design, testing, and validation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with an emphasis on helmet safety and energy management. He applies his expertise to forensic casework involving the performance of helmets and other safety equipment as it relates to motorcycle and bicycle crash incidents.

Since 2012, Rory has held the position of Lead Helmet and Personal Protection Designer at Troy Lee Designs. In this role, Rory oversees a team of engineers and designers who create personal protective equipment geared towards motorcyclists, bicyclists, and adventure sports athletes. In addition to helmets, Rory contributes toward the development of a range of protective gear, including knee/shin guards, elbow/forearm guards, gloves, and chest protectors. Rory has extensive knowledge of the rigorous certification processes required in the development of personal protective equipment. He has hands-on experience developing test methodologies and protocols to assess product performance; he also has firsthand experience managing quality assurance among domestic and international suppliers.

Rory develops protective equipment that exceeds current industry standards. He works with and develops new protection technology with companies like MIPS in Sweden that specialize in Rotational Impact Protection Technology. He also works with companies like ISO Fit that specialize in fitment/retention systems. Working closely with test/certification labs in China and local ACT labs to test/validate helmet functions and design, Rory regularly examines crashed helmets to understand product performance as it relates to existing safety benchmarks and how safety and energy management performance can be improved.

Prior to joining Troy Lee Designs, Rory worked in a design role for an outdoor furniture company where he built rigs and gigs to test the structural integrity and safety of the products. Rory graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Art Center College of Design, one of the nation’s top design schools, for Industrial Design with and emphasis in Product Design and Mechanical Engineering.