Thomas Lyden, P.E., PMP

Thomas Lyden P.E., PMP

Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert

Thomas Lyden is a civil engineer with an impressive background covering the entire lifecycle of highway infrastructure. Through his 35 years of professional experience, Thomas has conducted traffic studies to evaluate the need for and safety of new and existing roadway systems, conceptually designed roadways and intersections, administered new construction and maintenance projects, and also oversaw maintenance operations for winter weather, vegetation growth, and infrastructure conditions. Thomas has performed these duties from the perspectives of a consulting engineer as well as a Department of Transportation engineer. As an employee at Robson Forensic, Thomas applies his expertise to expert witness investigations involving the design, construction, and maintenance of roadways and transportation infrastructure.

Prior to joining Robson Forensic, Thomas was employed for 31 years by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Throughout his tenure as an ODOT employee, Thomas held various positions involving traffic engineering, maintenance operations, transportation planning, and project management. In his later roles with the Department of Transportation, Thomas established the training programs for winter roadway management, developed maintenance standards and oversaw routine maintenance activities involving pavement condition, guardrails, signs, pavement markings, and pavement drop-offs. In earlier roles, Thomas was responsible for analyzing pavement, bridge, traffic, and safety data to identify needed improvements. His experience includes the conceptual design, implementation, and construction of roadways, intersections, and other infrastructure projects.

The comprehensive nature of Thomas’ experience provides unique insight related to the design, construction, and operations of roadways and transportation infrastructure. Thomas is licensed as a Professional Engineer in more than a dozen states. He earned his degree in civil engineering from the University of Cincinnati and later went on to earn his MBA from Ohio State.

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